About me

How would I describe myself?

Hi! My name is Vicki (yes, with an I) and I am a very smiley girl in her twenties. I have 2 sisters who are my best friends, a lovely boyfriend who is always so supportive and an adorable Boston Terrier, Norman. I grew up in Vars, Ontario and studied at the University of Ottawa, where I completed my Bachelor’s degree, majoring in Criminology and with a Psychology minor. I currently work a full-time desk job and focus on my blog pretty much every other hour.

What is #HappyWithVicki?

In April 2018, I started focusing on sharing lifestyle photos on my Instagram page, after posting fitness content for a year.

In March 2019, I started my blog and branded myself as “Happy with Vicki”, as I thought it represented me perfectly. My mission through #HappyWithVicki is to share fun and colorful content, in hopes of providing others with inspiration to live happier lives & to chase their dreams. Through my blog and social media, I share daily positivity, affordable fashion, my favorite foods & all things life. I hope I can provide you with some value, even if it is a brief smile.

I want to help and see you guys happy. So if you ever need any recommendations on food, travel and fashion, please email or DM me on Instagram as I’d love to help! All suggestions on helpful blog and Instagram content is appreciated and I’m more than happy to test things out before you guys have to. Let me know xox