5 Instagram Worthy Cafés in Ottawa

If you’ve clicked on this link, you’re probably a millennial and the truth is, we LOVE Instagram worthy restaurants and cafés lol. Below, I have listed 5 adorable cafés in Ottawa, where you can have great coffee and food, while also getting a new IG pic (pics or it didn’t happen right?).

1. Oat Couture :

1154 Bank St, Ottawa

This place was made with Instagram in mind. They have an adorable rustic decor going on, a vine wall, pillows, cute mugs and of course, the Insta-famous swings you’ve seen on everyone’s feeds (including mine). They also serve delicious and aesthetic oatmeal bowls and lattes.

Fun fact: they are also a Buzzyn partner & they invited me to my first blogger event last summer.

2. Moscow Tea Room:

527 Sussex Dr, Ottawa

I recently visited this place for the first time and enjoyed my first ever high tea experience. The pastries were delicious and fresh and the hostess was an angel (so sweet and polite).

The decor in this place is GORGEOUS. They have red walls, chandeliers , accent pillows and the food presentation is on point. I highly recommend you try their high tea service and take lots of photos cause everything there is aesthetic.

3. Jackson Café:

10 Daly Ave, Ottawa

Jackson is a restaurant inside the Ottawa Art Gallery. EVERYTHING in this café was selected to create the prettiest space and the marble tables are perfect for flat lays. While the decor is neutral, it has pretty blue and gold accents as well as gorgeous plants, which make it picture perfect. The brunch is also amazing and they recently opened up their patio! 🙂

4. Mantovani 1946:

87 Murray St, Ottawa

Mantovani is a place Angela (she’s an actual angel) introduced me to and it’s one of my favorite gelato places in Ottawa. They make amazing pastries as well and the whole café is beautiful. It has a very neutral but elegant decor and the staff is soooo friendly.

5. Café Cristal:

240 Kennevale Dr, Ottawa

Café Cristal is a gorgeous coffee shop in Barrhaven. They serve delicious coffee and treats, such as macaroons and crepes. The decor is stunning! The coffee shop has gorgeous artwork, roses, fancy couches and chandeliers which compliment the gold decor. If you are in the west end of Ottawa, I highly recommend you pay it a visit because it’s beautiful and delicious!

Ottawa is growing and so is the cute coffee shop and restaurant scene. That said, this is part 1 of my cute café recommendations and part 2 will be coming your way soon! 🙂

Please let me know which one of these is your favorite and which ones are on your list to try out! If you decide to visit any of them, I’d love if you used #HappyWithVicki on them when posting so that I can see them!


Vicki x

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