5 Tips for Safe Driving this Winter

Winter is coming. While this may not be scary to most Canadians, we have to prepare ourselves for the cold weather and winter driving conditions. Did you know that Ottawa is actually among the top 10 communities in Canada with the highest frequency of collisions. That being said, I decided to partner with Allstate Canada to give 5 important reminders on driving safe this winter:

  1. Change over to your winter tires: It is actually recommended that you change your winter tires when the temperature hits below 7 degrees Celsius. I know, it’s not that cold yet, but book your appointment in advance, as we all get busy and you don’t want to be stuck waiting for an appointment.

  2. Stop following others so closely: While driving in Ottawa in the winter, I see so many rear-end collisions, which are actually the most common type of vehicle collisions in Canada. Allstate Canada advises that you keep a distance of about 8-10 seconds between your vehicle and the one in front.

  3. Stay off your phone: I see so many people on their phones while driving and this is so dangerous! There is no reason you need to be on your phone while driving. If it’s an emergency, pull over and put on your hazards. It’s as simple as that. Most cars also have Bluetooth now, which is great as it means you can remain focused on the road. Use this feature if you must text/call your friends. 

  4. Learn how to drive in a roundabout: THIS!!! I get so frustrated going into roundabouts because it seems like no one understands how they work lol. Ottawa has 21 roundabouts currently, so do yourself a favour and learn how they work. Pay attention to cyclists, pedestrians and vehicles already IN the roundabout and don’t forget to yield. Oh, and please don’t stop IN the actual roundabout (except to avoid a collision) – thanks! If you need a little roundabout refresher, most roundabouts have signage indicating how they work. Take time to check them and familiarize yourself before entering the actual roundabout. I always find them helpful. You can also check out Allstate Canada’s recent Allstate Takes Action campaign to learn more about roundabout safety! ☺

  5. Don’t cut people off: Do yourself, your car and others a favor and don’t curt off people while on the road. I can’t even tell you how many accidents I have nearly gotten into because of people cutting me off on the highway, in parking lots, in roundabouts, etc. Be safe, not sorry and keep your distance, be courteous and RELAX. The grocery store isn’t going anywhere lol.

I wish you all a great week and hope you guys stay safe. Driving can be dangerous but if everyone does their part, maybe Ottawa can reduce its rate of collisions. An accident can change a life for the worst. Don’t be the reason for it and be cautious. I have been in a winter car accident and it is truly scary (I was not the one at fault but winter driving now scares me) so I thought this would be a great reminder to kick off our next LONG season.



Disclaimer: this blog post is sponsored by Allstate Canada. All opinions are mine.

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